How Blogging Can Benefit You Financially

Blogging is very popular online and many people are making a full time income with their blogs. It is one of the easiest way to make money online and there are many resources available to give you step by step instructions on how to do it correctly.

When blogging was first introduced to the internet world it was mainly as a way of sharing your thoughts, experiences a bit like a diary. Hundreds of people took to this new craze and created blogs about all sorts of topics including hobbies, music, medicine, careers, motor racing and much, much more. In fact if you search for a blog on any topic you will likely find one.

Having a blog was much more popular than a normal website as they are easier to create, easy to maintain and lots of fun. People invite family, friends and colleagues to visit their blog and watch their fun or even watch their progress.

Last year my family and I went on a six month trip and we updated our experiences on our trip on a blog which mean that all our family and friends back home could watch us on vacation. It really is a great way to share things with others.

But how can blogging benefit you financially?

There are a few ways that you can monetize your blog and the main way is to promote products as an affiliate. Even a personal blog can promote affiliate products as there are hundreds of products in all different niches. So I’m sure that you have a hobby, sport, music or something that you talk about on your blog that you would be able to find an affiliate product that relates to it.

Blogging – What’s New?

The question I’m most often asked by my coaching clients about blogging is, “What am I going to write?” And because of this block in their thinking, they often shy away from having a blog at all.

Yet, blogs are the best way to communicate with your list. And… they’re also awesome ways to get your money site–the place where you make money. It can be your own website or an affiliate site. It really doesn’t matter. An effective use of blogging for business is a very smart investment of your time and effort.

You see, search engines love blogs because blogs have RSS feeds. These feeds convert your blog posts into plain text, and is why when you subscribe to an RSS feed, you need a feed reader. Without one, the blog content looks like a jumbled mess of letters. There are no images, no code, and no formatting. Feeds are just pure words.

Search engine spiders love feeds because they aren’t fettered by the limitations of the human eye. Spiders can breeze over the jumbled text very quickly and understand what the feed means. So, if you use the right keywords in your post, the spider will see them, and quickly learn what your post is about. This gives you a leg up with search. In fact, if you post with your keyword in mind, while keeping your posts readable and enjoyable, you can rank almost instantly in Google.

So, back to, “What is there to write?”

Blogging ideas are all around us. Surf the web for your niche and find interesting sites. Interview the site owners and use the interviews as blog posts. Record the interviews on a bridgeline like The Basement Ventures at, where you can get an .mp3 of your interview and just embed it into your blog.

Make a video with your web cam or flip cam. Or, you can report something cool that you find in the news and put your slant on it. This is very easy to do because there’s a very powerful way to get news about your niche, and it comes straight from Google.

All you have to do is to set up a news “Alert” at Google, and you can have items mailed to any email address you wish. Then, you just take those stories and turn them in to blog posts. Rewrite the information in the news item and bang! You have a blog post, and depending on your niche, this could be every single day.

Blogging For Profit – You Need a Long Term Plan!

Writing your mind out and getting paid for it, does anyone need anything better! Now, a lot of writers write blogs. Blogs, what are blogs! Well, in simple terms a blog is an essay written in a very informative way, so as to pass on the information and also attract a lot of people who need that information. But, if that is the case, then people can Google for the information and get all the information they need. Google gives a very general result while the blog would give a very detailed and to the point information. Hence the blogs are a big hit. Now how does one make money using the blogs?

Very important and vital question! Blogs are a marketing strategy used by the marketers and have become an integral part of e-commerce. So generally the blog would be linked to the product, either the blogers’ own or the advertisers’ and the blog would be used as a sales pitch for the same like if a blog is written on how to lose weight, then it can be paired with books related to weight loss, or with fitness programs, or even with weight loss medicines. Now, I hope the picture is clear.

But hold your horses before you also jump into the blogging river anticipating earning a cool sum of money. You need to learn that earning money through is not as simple as it sounds. You will need to know your product very well and provide exceptionally good information, as that more and more people, in website terms ‘traffic’ would come to visit the blog and improve your chances of converting into a customer and this takes sometime. So you have to be prepared to give in the time and effort for a long time frame and not just for a short time. Thus one can safely assume that you need at least six months to a year before you can see the money rolling in.

Now, you see, that writing good stuff and also relevant information is so important. But you also need to know how more and more traffic comes to see the blog. All this does not happen in a day or two and you need to work at it and the most common form of marketing the blog is using article marketing and also adding remarks and comments to other blogs and forums is another common way.

But, mark my words that you need to create a plan and stick to and it and then you will see the profits coming in. So happy blogging!

Laughter: The Best Medicine

I am sure that, at least once, you have heard someone say that “laughter is the best medicine”. There is no opposing this statement because numerous studies and researches have shown that laughter in fact has a very good effect in the health of our body. It does not directly cure a disease like a medicine, but it does help in removing stress and various other negative unwanted effects, which in turn is helpful in avoiding or even curing various health problems.

Researches related to health have shown that laughter induces psychological changes in the body which shows improving effects on the health of a person. When a person laughs, a good benefit of it is that laughter decreases the production of stress related hormones, thus reducing the overall stress of the person. Laughter is known to create positive emotional states, which lightens the mental burden fixed on a person’s mind. This positive emotional state can easily cure depression. Hence, the fact that laughter helps us to cope up with challenges by creating a stress free mind. It helps us to access difficult situations without going through a lot of mental burden.

Laughter is also known to prevent or reduce the chances of many diseases. A good humorous person is known to have a stronger immune system, hence reducing the chances of sickness. It also prevents a lot of diseases which are mostly related to the heart. Laughter actually is able to improve the respiration process by helping a person acquire more air. Blood circulation is good due to this and a good blood pressure level is maintained. The heart and its valves become stronger and healthier. All this minimizes the chances of having heart diseases. Chances of having a heart attack and strokes are also automatically reduced.

Laughter can also be considered as a good exercise. Once someone begins to laugh, the benefits that it provides are equivalent to cardio workouts. Thus, laughter is also capable of burning extra calories which is always good for weight loss. The exercise also covers the facial muscles. It is able to relax the facial muscles which can be linked to enhancing the beauty of a person.

The other benefit which is linked with laughter is the production of pain killing endorphins. Laughter is actually known to increase the production of such endorphins, meaning that laughter can actually give a person more tolerance to pain. It also is an energy giving which makes people more active.

The benefits of laughter are many and so the laughter industry is quite popular. The benefits have been widely recognized and a thing like laughter therapy is there. People love to laugh and to make people laugh there are a whole range of products developed. Comedy movies and sitcoms on televisions are a hit due to their capability to make people laugh. Stand-up comedians are also there in clubs, restaurants, and with their own recorded shows because of the huge demand by the people for humorous materials. Jokes are frequently shared amongst friends and throughout the internet. The internet is also flooded with pictures like those of funny cats which are shared in social networks, blogs and in funny sites. Therefore, the sources of laughter are many.

So, do not get mad and instead start accessing those humorous materials to share a laugh or two. I am sure that when a small toddler laughs for no reason, you laugh as well; proving that it is not difficult to laugh. Everyone should laugh once in a while and the best thing about it is that it’s for free.

Top 15 Ways to Find the Promised Land of Blog Monetization

Many bloggers crash and burn when it comes to actually making money with their blog. They might do great with design, opt-in forms, and even publish great content – but they freeze up when it comes to asking for the credit card.

You see, a lot of bloggers are afraid.

When you ask for someone to spend money with you, your relationship with that person escalates like crazy. It’s like finally telling your girlfriend “I love you” or having them meet the padres.

When you sell people something, you have to know that it’s great stuff, or you’re not going to sell it wholeheartedly (assuming you’re not a psychopath detached from feeling). People are touchy when it comes to money – if they don’t get their whole value, they’ll ask for refunds, leave bad reviews, etc.

In other words, selling stuff is a BIG deal!

Anyway, I’ll give you a few blog monetization tips that I’ve found to be some of the most effective!

1. Low dollar Ebook (around $17)

This is a great one to cut your teeth on – you don’t have the pressure of doing anything live. If you want to take months to really fine-tune your content, no one’s stopping you!

2. Blog Audits

Blog audits are easy to run. All you need to do is have a couple of PDF’s ready to go, and then you fill in the info with your clients’ info and send it back to them.

Clearly, you need a little experience before you can command a price for this service. But, all you need is a page on your blog and a PayPal button.

3. Blog Writing Service

This one works great for me because I like to write and consider it one of my strengths. I’m able to charge quite a bit because I deliver everything I say I will.

It’s another super-easy one to implement – little sales page, and a PayPal button!

4. Blog Setup Service

The secret to making money on the Internet really isn’t a secret. All you gotta do is learn a skill that people need, and charge for it!

I don’t set up any blogs – my wife does. But, she’s self-taught with WordPress, Photoshop, FTP, and all the other jazz you need to build a blog. She watched YouTube videos for about a week, and she’s made several thousand dollars in blog sales. Nice.

5. Charge for Webinars

Personally, I’ve never done this one. However, I once heard Mark Hoverson say something that changed my business.

He said that if he were to start over, the one thing he would do differently would be to charge people for stuff from the very beginning.

The example he used was that he once charged $10 for a webinar where he taught how to set up a quick website. He earned some cash, but even more importantly, he began to build a customer base.

6. Affiliate Sales

Selling affiliate products doesn’t have to be a drawn-out event with lots of fanfare.

Most of my affiliate sales have come when I sell people other products, or I mention them in posts as an aside. I don’t write long sales pages or emails promoting affiliate stuff, by sometimes I’ll stick a link in a post as a quick recommendation.

Most affiliate sales are small, but they definitely add up!

7. Newsletter with Ads

A lot of Internet Marketers use this is as their main source of revenue! Once you’ve built up a fairly substantial email list, you can send out little ads in your newsletters – and score big bucks.

8. 15 Minute Coaching Through

This is one of the more ingenious marketing strategies that I’ve ever seen. is a site that lets you offer products or services, but you can only charge $5 for it. I knew a lady that was trying to build her network marketing team. She would offer 15 minute MLM coaching for $5.

Now $5 isn’t a ton, and it only pans out to $20/hour (clearly not gonna make you rich).

However, with that consulting session, she pocketed some cash, got a new lead (and a super-high quality one willing to pay), and was able to build a personal relationship while displaying her expertise.

When I saw that I thought, “She’s getting leads to PAY HER $5!”

9. Normal Consulting

There are two reasons that consulting on your site is valuable.

1. Pocket some dollah bills!

2. Establish your value

If I say that my consulting costs $149 per hour, every reader will think I’m doing awesome to command that price! You look like an expert immediately.

At the beginning, I suggest establishing a price higher than you think you can actually get – and then work to make yourself valuable enough to obtain clients at that price.

10. Animoto

This strategy is a little wacky and out there – I’ve never seen anyone else use this (so no competition, right?).

Animoto is a service that lets you make professional videos by adding images and text.

I might not have much use in my “teach others how to make money blogging” niche, but here’s what some of you out there can do.

My wife loves animals. She was a vet tech, and even studied veterinary medicine in college.

She eventually wants to start a blog about her experiences and give people animal tips. She wants to use Animoto to create videos about people’s pets and sell a bundle for around $39.99.

Cool, huh? It’s super easy to do, and she has a great way to monetize her niche!

11. Continuity Program

This refers to any sort of program that requires a monthly payment – such as a mastermind group or premium content you don’t offer elsewhere.

12. Sell Emails to List

Basically, you’re giving people the chance to send a promotional email out to your list.

I’ve seen people make money doing this, but be EXTREMELY careful. Just because you realize you can make $200 per email doesn’t mean you should send out 20 the next week!

If you’re sending out more than 1 or 2 of these per week, you’ll lose the responsiveness of the list that you’ve worked so hard to put together!

13. Live Course

Here’s my long-term plan for my blog:

Down the road a bit, I’m planning on opening up an 8 week course where I host a live webinar each week. Every other week will be new training, and the next week will be question and answer.

I’ll throw in bonuses like blog setups or blog audits.

Adapt that idea to your niche, and you can make oodles of money!

14. In-Person Conferences

Of course, this strategy is a LONG ways down the road, but it doesn’t hurt to make it a goal of yours.

But really, being invited to be a guest speaker at a conference doesn’t have to be a pipe dream years down the road. Try for it, make some connections, and you’ll get there!

15. Google AdSense

I put this one last, because I think it’s the worst idea of the 15. You’ve probably read all about it and how you need 17 gazillion visitors to make $10 per month.

6 Real Estate Blogging Tools and Gadgets Worth Considering

If you are someone venturing and trying luck in real estate, you should consider having a blog that speaks up about your interest in the field. Blogging is one of the greatest marketing strategies that are being taken up by various organizations irrespective of their size and niche. Whether it is a company dealing in medicines or some individual fashion designer, blogs can help get online attention and lots of visitors to one’s website which in turn provide many new customers.

Here are 6 Real Estate Blogging Tools and Gadgets Worth Considering:

1. Calmly: This is a professional text editor available online. Calmly encourages distraction free writing. Using this tool one can write, add images, and more. It gives an idea of how one’s blog will look like with all the information and pictures.

2. Hemingway App: Your blog should be readable. It should be written in easy to understand language as it will be visited by people across the globe. So, readability is one crucial thing that should be considered while writing a blog. Hemingway App is one tool that can help analyze your blog for readability. The tool highlights the text that might be difficult to read and even suggest solutions improve the readability of the blog.

3. Irfan View: This is an amazing image editor. If you are planning to start a real-estate blog, you might need to upload a number of images to showcase properties, buildings, and localities. Such images are quite heavy in size and may take hours to upload. Using Irfan View one can edit images to reduce the size of the image.

4. Co Schedule’s Headline Analyzer: Headlines are the first thing that catches the attention of online visitors. If your blog doesn’t have an attractive headline, the chances of it being left aloof or ignored are more. The Co Schedule’s Headline Analyzer helps one analyze the headline and it suggests changes that may make it more interesting to read.

5. Piktochart: This is an info-graphic app. It is easier to inform someone through infographics as it saves one time from reading the entire post. Online visitors hardly spend more than 5 minutes on a web page. The Piktochart can come handy in conveying the message within a fraction of seconds. This tool although takes some time to create info-graphics, it is worth considering for your real estate blog. Using the tool, you can create graphics conveying information about the place such as the society, schools and shopping complexes near the property.

6. Canva: A blog with amazing graphics can help your blog stand out among the competitors. Canva is one blogging tool that allows its users to convey their message through graphics. It is an easy to use the tool and does not require any technical qualification to use it. The graphics designed by Canva can be shared on social media as well.

Basic Blog Branding 101

Personal blogs can be more random if it is simply sharing what you are doing with friends and family. But a blog for business, one you hope will make money, a blog that presents you as an expert or one to drive traffic to a website needs to have a marketing goal or purpose.

Generic will kill you. Trying to post a blog about being a stay at home mom might find fierce competition. Trying to post one about how a stay at home mom can run an internet business might be more specific. But don not go posting a blog until you have taken a look around. You do not want to be number one million trying to climb to the top of the heap.

Can your Blog be too niche?

Yes it can. If your blog is only about bunions, it could get boring fast. While the hot phrase is niche you do not want to make it so specific that you run out of ideas in two weeks. There is a good chance you will run out of bunion material.

However, you could instead have a blog about foot problems and this would open up all sorts of titillating subjects of interest like plantar fasciitis or narrow feet, high arches or flat feet. Now we are talking. We can go into orthotics, shoes, wrapping devices and even socks! I could go on as the excitement is never ending.

So Niche does not have to mean singular subject.

That is not to say that would not be a viable blog. It would be. In that case, the audience wants to be entertained on various subjects on any given day. They are looking for random of comedic posts and nutty articles.

When it comes to your Blog, think Relationship Marketing.

A blog is more personal. Which, in a place as impersonal as the web, is a big advantage. So it is an opportunity to be professional and give potential clients, customers, visitors a chance to get to know you on a more personal level as well. It is relationship marketing similar to the email marketing.

Your blog should also be about a passion or something about which you are an expert. You share information and expertise on this platform and it needs to be changed and updated.

Do not let your Blog Go down with the Sinking Ship called Mediocrity.

Please do not do a Boring Blog because that is internet litter. Usually people land on your blog because of a keyword. So you have to have something there that captures attention and makes them want to stay and even return. Welcome to my blog is not going to capture attention. If you have a boring blog that is not informative, you will find out soon enough because no one will come or stay either to come back to play.

Steps to keep in Mind

Define your target audience. Who are they? Really define your market. Defining your target market is the part that will most directly affect your bank account so this step is vital. You have to speak to them so you have to define what is important to them so you can provide the solution or answer.
Write down your marketing objective (a.k.a. your goals) For example: I want the blog to position me as an expert in foot problems.
Write the marketing strategies to make it happen. Article marketing, offline direct mail, sponsor 10k races or marathons, social bookmarking. Look for opportunities to tap into the sports medicine market through forums and adword campaigns. These will be strategies on how you will promote your blog.
How will the blog make you money even if it is support for your internet presence? Example: I want athletes to sign up for my newsletter on improving their gait and preventing future problems of the lower extremities. I will have various products I endorse to avoid and treat problems on the blog and in emails — products I know work because I have had patients try them.

Planning for Success

Success does not just happen no matter how many things you read that tell you it does. It takes some work and perseverance and planning.

Graduation from Basic Blog Branding 101 means you are not going to write, Welcome to my Blog on your blog no matter how tempted you are to do so. And you are going to write some goals down and do some planning for your success.

Scope of Blogging in Pharmaceuticals

Nowadays we can count on thousands of blogs that cover any subject that you may need, and pharmaceuticals are no exception. The purpose of having a blog is giving important information about relevant topics, awareness about social issues or purely passion for writing. In the case of pharmaceutical blogging and its scope, healthcare is always changing. New medications, devices, etc. are continuously varying the health systems. Having a blog is a great tool for keeping the information updated and provides relevant information to all the interested people.

Some elementary skills are very important for working with the pharmaceutical media. You need to be timely, honest, relevant, responsive, be able to write properly, receptive, and be professional. The market for pharmaceutical products is growing daily and you must read constantly if you want to start a consistent pharmaceutical blog. In a world where everything is in constant change, doctors and patients will require more assistance from experts that has the knowledge in the wide range of medications that are available today.

At the present blogging could be the best way to capture attention whether you are a business company or an individual. People are always pursuing free information about the topic that they are interested of. If you’re starting a new pharmaceutical blog and you expect a large scope, we can give you some tips:

· The best way to start a blog is writing about your knowledge. Write about what you know and about that topic that you’re master.

· Try to provide relevant information and gives to the readers the data they are looking for. Keep your writing updated.

· Give an e-mail so you readers can interact with you whenever they want.

· Do not stress if you don’t see any response or reward. Be patience, blogging takes the time to have results.

· Put images, blog articles that contain audiovisual support get 94% more views.

· The constancy is the key to everything. Do not give up and give your best always.

Blogging Tips – 3 Common Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid at All Costs

Blogging is the most popular internet activity today and a huge blessing to the internet users. Blogs can be created in very little time and hosted through a few clicks. And all this coming free makes blogging even more attractive. The Blogging tips discussed below are designed to help you realize the full potential of blogs.

1. Sustained release

Some of you would have heard this associated with modern medicine. Similar to this, your blogs will start yielding results when you are patient and keep nurturing your blog to its due place on the web. This means that you will continue to add fresh content almost every single day. Once people start visiting your blog in large numbers you will begin to enjoy the exercise and also start making some money doing so. Blogging tips relevant here is that you should persist with your efforts and not expect overnight results.

2. Originality

This is a very important attribute for successful blogs and ranks among the most valuable blogging tips. People looking at your blogs expect something that others have not said. One way to keep ahead of competition in creating blog posts is to have a large number of relevant RSS feeds. As soon as some newsworthy event happens around your niche, be the first to post it on your blog.

3. Consistency

Successful blogs need constant nurturing. The best way to achieve this is adding fresh content at regular intervals. Make sure that the interval is never too long and preferably as close as 24 hours. Use these tips to protect you from the common mistakes.

Blogging Makes Easy Online Money

First, making easy online money is not going to make anybody a millionaire yet. The money can, however, tide you over in paying some of those bills that pile up and eat a big chunk of your paycheck (if you are presently working).

However, those in the business of making money online have been one in saying that making money online promises to be a lucrative opportunity.

Online opportunities

Depending on your expertise, plus a good nose for opportunities (which is overflowing online), you can make enough that can rival or top the incomes of regularly-employed people.

There are many opportunities in the Internet that can be very profitable. However, we shall limit our search for those that are truly easy and not so complicated, and which almost anybody can do. The current top choice of the day is blogging.


Today, blogging is very popular. To date, blogging has such a sizeable audience and is now one of the most diversified net groupings. Many of the popular blogs today had become some the most lucrative sites in the Net.

One of the many attractive features of blogging is the relative ease in producing them. Anyone can start one and write anything he wants. Most bloggers write them like personal journals, writing on topics nearest their hearts.

Know your niche

The other bloggers write on specific topics (or niche) that they know best ie. shopping, entertainment, popular culture, celebrities, business, personal improvement, medicine, photography – the list is very long. The reasoning is that the blog is yours and you can choose any topic you want.

Another attractive feature on blogging is that anyone can start a blog for free. (The two most popular blog sites today are and

Identification and rapport

The most important component in having a blog is to establish your brand which is yourself. You have to let your readers know you are. This applies to all your blogs that have to do with your business.

In the blog, you can tell your readers about yourself in the About page. This is very important because the reader will identify you and your writings with the personality of the person they read about. This will greatly add to your credibility with regards your business and the things you are saying about it (your blog contents).

Income generation

There are several ways to make easy online money with blogging. The first one (the most popular among them) is to monetize your blog. To do this is to actually use a marketing mix of advertising (Google AdSense) and affiliate marketing. Most of your ads can be carried over to your blog’s RSS feeds.

The profit potential of your blog is going to expand if your content is centered on a profitable niche. This is because there is already a captured market in these niches that are your potential built-in audience.

Moreover, there are now companies who will pay you to blog and their number is on the rise. This is good news to all those who write and wants to get paid well. (You can always check out who are the most generous among them lately.) Easy online money-making never had it better.

Want to make easy money online blogging?

Daegan Smith is an expert online marketer, trainer, and teacher.

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